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Specialty Coffee


Cultivar: Speciality Coffee

Grown in the cool mists of the Costa Rican hillsides, the lush micro-climates of Ethiopia and the rich volcanic soils of Rwanda, Cultivar is our tribute to those before us and those ahead of us.

A careful composition of coffees selectively sourced for their distinctive flavour, from farmers dedicated to nurturing their lands to produce the very best.


Cultivar won a Silver Medal in the Espresso Category at the 2017 Golden Bean Roasting Awards and a Bronze Medal in the Milk Coffee Category at the 2019 Australian International Coffee Awards.


Rwanda Nova (Washed) / Costa Rica Jaguar (Honey Process) / Ethiopia Guji (Natural)

Bella Vista Coffee

For Speciality Cafes and Espresso Bars

Tasting notes: Clean and crisp with Honey, Caramel and Malt notes and a prolonged fruity undertone and aftertaste. 


From our small batch roasteries throughout Australia, we respectfully roast every batch to unlock the exceptional flavours our farming partners have worked so hard to achieve. To preserve quality at all times, we only partner with those who share our deep respect for coffee and value quality above all else.

At Seven Miles, coffee is an avenue through which we learn, we grow, we are inspired and we connect. Our approach might not be for everyone, but those who share our love for coffee understand why there really is no other way.

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